VolumeAnticoagulantAdditvie SolutionSatellite BagNeedle Gauge
250mLCPDA-1N/Afrom 150mL to 500mL16G/ 17G
350mLCPDA-1N/A16G/ 17G
450mLCPDA-1N/A16G/ 17G
500mLCPDA-1N/A16G/ 17G
250mLCPDSAG-M16G/ 17G
350mLCPDSAG-M16G/ 17G
450mLCPDSAG-M16G/ 17G
500mLCPDSAG-M16G/ 17G


Pre-donation sampling device, needle protective device, customized accessorie.


PRP Method: For whole blood collection and separation of 4 different blood components - plasma, red blood cells, platelets and cryopre- cipitate, obtained through the process of centrifugation and separation.

BC Method: For whole blood collection and separation of 3 different blood components - leucodepleted plasma, leucodepleted red blood cells and platelets from the buffy coat, obtained through the process of centrifugation and separation.

Quadruple Blood Bag system is available with CPDA-1 or CPD/SAG-M anticoagulant solution. The 5-day platelet storage is optional.

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